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minodesign is the agency that allows you
to communicate more and better on every medium,
even on those still to be invented.

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Minodesign is the (coming soon) digital agency of Giovanni Minelli, Art director,  graphic designer and photographer.
Minodesign wants to introduce elements and methods of the startup world in the creative industry, to find a synthesis at the intersection between the Italian advertising graphic tradition and the new technologies of the coming world.




  1. Design is everywhere

    Minodesign was born as a worldwide agency: it works for clients coming from all over the world, from all sectors – except illicit ones!
    We live the beginning of the mobile working era: we set up to work also from mobile workstations, together with remote collaborators, always through reliable connections and VPN networks. So telework, yes, but no data passing from internet point to Kuala Lumpur! 😉
    Whether you are a shopkeeper from the south of France, a Lithuanian businessman, or a Beirut startupper, you can have an Italian agency!

  2. Disintermediation

    One of Minodesign’s goals is to bring informality to customers, reducing the decision-making steps necessary for design and communication choices.The “Industry” – at least in Italy – is still linked to the commission scheme, and to a traditional workflow with sales agents, project managers, executives, etc
    In today’s budget reduction scenario, Minodesign chooses to keep the focus on creativity and execution of the work, cutting on the non-creative figures of the agency: we interface directly with the “marketing” of the customers.

  3. 360 degree view

    An overview of the communication sector built since the early 2000s, making significant experiences with top companies in Northern Italy. Marketing system for ‘printed’ advertising (Roberta, MBK, Daihatsu, Symantec, Same Deutz-Fahr) and SGA Corporate (formerly Studio Grafico Artigiano) for graphic design applied to corporate image and wine packaging (Berlucchi, Bellevista, Campari , Valdo Spumanti, Zenato).

    The fields of the web and UI design are overseen thanks to experiences in the local web agency and Seat Pagine Gialle, completed by continuous and omnivorous training on the topics of SEO, content marketing and UX design.

  4. Startup advertising round-trip

    Minodesign introduces elements and processes from the Startup culture, in the field of advertising creativity and design. Not only the usual “buzzword” like “Sketch”, “low / high fidelity prototype”, IA map: with less pronounced names, these tools were already part of the daily work of graphic designers and web designers.

    I refer to truly innovative processes such as the LEAN startup method and its CMA cycle: after the eureka, the generative leap, the project continues to progress based on field verification and numbers, constantly updated.
    In addition, the experiments: A / B tests between campaign subjects and competing variants, heatmap on leanding, and choices based on data.

    And finally, UX design / product design, not as a trend, but as a method to put the end customer at the center again.

  5. New media by tradition

    It’s from the early 00’s that I experiment with promising new technologies and new advertising media. A non-exhaustive list includes html5 / css2, WordPress as CMS, e-commerce platform (ebay), social networks and more recently UX design and proximity marketing.
    Having seen so many changes, helps me to recognize a fashion or “buzzword” from a technology destined to remain.

    A meteor? Native advertising, which is often also a piece of trash. Something that will remain? The centrality of the customer experience, even after the hype for UX designrelated to apps development.

  6. Secret ingredient

    Finally, the secret ingredient, that something more. The unpredictability of the final result, the choice of images, shifts in meaning with the rhetorical figures, typical of the Italian graphic-advertising tradition: in a word, ideas.
    The important contribution of human creativity: otherwise the advertisements would be made by the accounts in powerpoint, or even by the robots; but as is known, both can not invent it.