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minodesign is a cross-media Design studio.
We create memorable Brands, snappy websites and impactful contents that people will love!

minodesign is a design firm founded by Giovanni Minelli, Art director, writer & more. This site has existed for several years, in the past as a space for web experimentation and blogs.

Now Minodesign is focused on content writing and the development of self-owned Brands, mainly in the ecommerce and mobile OS fields. Obviously, Minodesign is always open to collaborations with clients. Just ask.


The boundaries of the disciplines carried out are often blurred, and the projects end up requiring many of them, but below are the main activities of minodesign, grouped by theme.

Of course, there is more: new and old services will be presented below in the future, once tested and ready for customers.

Advertising by minodesign studio


We search for the right picture, or set of them. We can create incredible artworks for your business.

Web design by minodesign studio

Web & UI design

We create impactful website, optimised for speed and even javascript free.

content writing by minodesign studio

SEO & Analytics

Auditing and optimising your existing site, and lets it create data for you.

Advertising by minodesign studio

Content writing

We create contents about your business and topics, that people will engage.

UX Design and Lean Startup by minodesign studio

Lean Startup & UX

We can develop your idea using the Lean Startup and UX design methodology: BML. Minodesign itself is driven as a Lean startup.

Advertising by minodesign studio

Visualization & ideation

Many customers love our sketches. So we created a line about this: rough, layout, mind map, hand-drawn prototypes.


The current site is a recent reboot so I have decided not to publish the old, paper works and those from the "pre-UX" era.
Some of the new projects will appear here, in the form of curated Case Histories. If you want to see all the previous portfolios, ask for the presentation.


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Contact minodesign

There are several "media" to contact us, the email remains the best:

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