Radio 24, the Italian radio station of Il Sole 24 Ore group, is now 20 years old and “celebrates” with a contest of ideas open to its listeners and everyone who wants join.

The contest was published there:

Ed: this was not a regular graphic design competition, with a commission of professionals, precise rules and brief, privacy agreements, but I decided to contribute with some proposals, if only as a summer exercise.
This despite the main italian association of Designers, AIAP, had suggested the boycott.

The brief

Radio 24 is the first and only Italian news & talk broadcaster with a unique and unmistakable style.

With a rich multi-thematic programming – current affairs, economy, work but also culture, sport, health, customs and society, Radio 24 offers its listeners reflections and insights every day and is able to inform and update, always staying within the news. Competence and authoritativeness of the contents combined with a fresh and pleasant listening behaviour.

(1) Innovation, future and authority are the key points that the new logo and the new payoff will have to transmit… (2) It has to be green (…).


The competition was advertised well only 2 weeks after the deadline.
Time permitting, and reading the regulation – where in the case of presenting very similar ideas, the chronological order holds – I decided to anticipate freehand layouts, albeit immature, but containing ideas.

The vector solutions

In the last week, some semi-definitive vector solutions have been prepared and sent to Radio24, inside a PDF presentation file. Below 4 of the solutions sent.


The take away

By September 15th 2019, through a qualified (?) jury, they will select the logo and the payoff that best represent the spirit and mission of Radio 24.

Information: for the authors of the chosen logo and payoff there is a remuneration as work of € 15,000.00 for the logo designed for Radio 24 and € 5,000.00 for the payoff.

These are substantial prizes, very rare to see in the of Italian design scene, even if there are shadows on the regulation and on the chosen formula, as highlighted by AIAP, below.



The winning brand was unveiled during the event on Friday 4 October, where Radio 24 celebrated twenty years of activity.

To win the 15 thousand euro offered as a prize was the proposal of 38-year-old Torinese Giovanni Burrascano. The jury: “…(The logo) it’s characterised it is a wide range of greens to represent the signal of movement, with a contextual call to the flow of the 24 hours marked by the hands of a clock and to the propagation in the ether of radio waves. “

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