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Photo shooting

Landscape, architecture, still life.

Images search

We find the right image sets for your communication and we buy them.


Photographic artwork for visual campaign, printed and digital.

Solutions for your images

We create fantastic images for today’s communication, to be used in corporate, advertising and social communication.

image solution

Welcome to the image page: image manipulation, photography, search for bank images. Images are at the heart of the design of minodesign, together with the brand and the digital.
Think of images as a Joker for your communication: once they are made, they are used on your printed and digital forms. Some images could be created ad hoc for a medium, such as Instagram, which requires simple images that can be understood by a small screen, while the high definitions are for full-frame printing and for exhibitions.

We are refining in detail the texts and the content of the “images” offer, but here is a list of imaging activities to be requested to minodesign:

  • Image manipulation: photographic retouching, color correction, cut out images.
  • Artwork: more, the creation of images with Photoshop, which will become part of your corporate image or your advertising campaigns.
  • Search for image sets for paginated publications, reports. With the possibility of creating an official moodboard.
  • Photographic shooting of landscape and architectural environments with SIGMA reflex. (option available for local customers in Lombardy, Italy)
  • Still Life photo shoots at product samples. Also for customers in the European Economic Area, for small-sized products.
  • Creating icons, thumbnail photos and bitmap graphics for social media channels.

Where you can find minodesign images

getty images with minodesign filter

Getty Images

We are honoured to have as many as 7 images that have landed in the Getty archive. Getty Images is today the portal of bank images and the most prestigious photographic agency, as well as a reference point for the numerous portals that are popping up recently.

To see the minodesign images visit this page where we have applied the search filters by author.

our EyeEm page


We are on EyeEm with 90 photographs in the market enabled for sale with one of 3 licenses.
EyeEm is a new portal and agency that allows you to purchase bank image at competitive prices compared to established portals.

For more information, visit our Market page.

the minodesign's instagram


We could not miss on the social for images of the moment – and even once: Instagram has in fact debuted in 2010, but for several months is seeing an exponential growth of users. The ‘mass‘ of the public is coming, and for now the social guarantees excellent organic visibility (ie free) to be exploited, but you have to hurry up, and have quality photographic content to be published.

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