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Photo shooting

minodesign takes photographs, in particular landscape photography and product photography. Find out more.

minodesign takes photographs, with particular reference to landscape photography and still life.

Landscape photography

(Filming must be in the Lombardy region and are only possible for local Italian companies)

Product photographs

In the case of still life photographs of products, these will be sent to our office;
the commissions are open to companies within the European Economic Area.

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Look at some sample Minodesign photographs from EyeEm and Getty:

getty images with minodesign filter

Getty Images

We are honoured to have as many as 7 images that have landed in the Getty archive. Getty Images is today the portal of bank images and the most prestigious photographic agency, as well as a reference point for the numerous portals that are popping up recently.

To see the minodesign images visit this page where we have applied the search filters by author.

our EyeEm page


We are on EyeEm with 90 photographs in the market enabled for sale with one of 3 licenses.
EyeEm is a new portal and agency that allows you to purchase bank image at competitive prices compared to established portals.

For more information, visit our Market page.

Photo shooting

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