A side project: the

Jolla Oy, a Finnish startup founded in 2013 by a group of Nokia engineers (exiled in opposition to the acquisition of Microsoft), has developed an alternative operating system, Sailfish OS, based on the values of privacy and open source. Since 2016 the startup has turned in the direction of a business model based on the sale of software alone and giving up on developing its product hardware. In 2017, thanks to an agreement with Sony, it released the Sailfish X release, compatible with Sony Xperia X. Clear information on product hardware is scarce, including unofficial porting of developers, ads and rumors in the community. nasce per presentare agli utenti interessati a Sailfish OS gli smartphone e i tablet effettivamente disponibili sul mercato e ufficialmente supportati da Jolla.

The site recalls the Nordic Finnish atmospheres, with a brand that gives a nod to the Jolla logo with a handmade style, but clearly differentiates it. The site uses Google Optimize experiments and is updated following the build-learn-measure process of lean UX.