Salvalaterra site seen in an old Macbook

It happened 10 years ago: – it also helps you to save the climate is a project carried out in the spare time, back in 2007. In that year, the world became aware of the problem of global warming at a mainstream level and green initiatives flourished to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The mission of, first static site, then blog was to inform as many people as possible of the risks related to global warming, and to make them aware that solving this problem was possible through the reduction of waste and the use of energy clean.

In a landscape dotted on one side with “distant” and “cold” informational institutional sites, or by purely sales-oriented e-commerce portals, proposed itself as both an orientation and information tool for the user, but with an informal style with practical tips related to everyday life.

For the project I created the brand, with an innovative flat style at that times (we were in the skeuomorphism/iOS 3 era), the layout and a first html version of the site, then recreated as a WP blog.
Even there we were and years before responsive design.