We create incredible artworks, and image manipulation. Also, we search for images and set of pictures, and finally, we do shooting of your products.


Visual identity by minodesign studio

Image search

We find the right set of images for your communication and we buy them.

Minodesign Studio has more than a decade of experience - coming from publishing / advertising - in the search for bank images for its clients. We also select themed image sets, for publications like house horgan, corporate blog, brochure, or even moodboards.

> We take care of the purchase - in some cases dealing with the price - of the images and the choice of the license and the right format.

Web design by minodesign studio

Shooting and image manipulation

We edit and refine your images, also we shoot Still Life, landscapes, and architecture.

We photograph mainly products (still life), but also landscapes and architectures, with SIGMA and CANON reflexes.From a practical point of view, we can photograph products that can be easily shipped to the EU. In addition to shooting, we take care of retouching or contouring images.

> If you already have pictures (good enough) taken by your staff we take care of image manipulation only, and in this case we can work without location limits (EU / extra EU).

> Finally, in any case we will send you the definitive files in JPG / PNG / EPS format via FTP / Dropbox / Wetransfer.

Advertising by minodesign studio

Incredible Artworks

We create adv Visual for both Web and Printed media, merging many images.

For high-budget customers and partner agencies, we create photographic artworks. These are new images, built from scratch and through the photomontage of several images: bank images, client's images, minodesign shots and free images).
These artworks are used as visuals in advertising campaigns, or become part of the corporate branding, used in fairs, sales points and brochures.

> We take care of both the presentation of several low definition ideas (layouts) and the implementation of the high definition solution chosen, even for large formats.

> Finally, we provide the executive file in JPG / EPS / PDF / TIFF via FTP / Dropbox / Wetransfer and in this case also via DVD (useful for the archive and not editable).


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Our collections

EyeEm collection


Discover the minodesign studio profile on EyeEm: 93 images selling in market..

minodesign pictures on Gettyimages


Our little collection on Getty. We are particularly proud of this images.


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