Web design

We aim to create impactful and light websites
that works and looks great on every device!

minodesign is doing responsive web design from early 2012, with a focus on visual and optimisation for speed.
Our typical web project are a product site, an editorial blog, or landing pages.

The importance of aesthetics

The visual impact (visual design) of a site is very important and determines a good part of the User Experience and the memorisation in the users. For this reason we carefully select the images to be inserted, and develop a clear and pleasant UI.

Technical side

Every website is “alive”. For this reason the technical aspect is important to obtain speed and satisfied users. In our projects, we try to follow W3C standards, avoiding where possible JS.

Data informed

We believe in the importance of data and our sites have Hotjar and Analytics defaults connected immediately. In this way, over time, the site will provide “insight” on user preferences, and some quantitative data. This could guide some business choices.

Our sites


A first post UX site is that of Jolla devices, a blog active in the technological area of alternative operating systems.


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